CG Generalist

Rex,  created in 2015, a great Edu Llobera’s animation, where I modeled the set, remodeled the character, I worked on lookdev, lighting, render and compositing. Character rig property of Software: Maya, Mudbox, Quixel, Zbrush, Arnold and Nuke.


3D Nuke Camera Projection, this an exercise to teach this technique in classroom with students, created in 2016


Guardianes de Oz, movie from Ánima Estudios, where I supervised the lighting process of around 1.800 shots in 2013.


Bubble Bip animated series, I worked for Mediapro-Triacom company, mainly as Set-Environment Modeler and a few tasks as Lookdev / Layout Artist in 2012.


Promo Transformers, in 2010, I worked on this commercial of Transformers Movie for spanish TV, where my position here was CG Generalist.