CG Generalist

Rex, a great Edu Llobera’s animation, where I modeled the set, remodeled the character, I worked on lookdev, lighting, render and compositing. Character rig property of Software: Maya, Mudbox, Quixel, Zbrush, Arnold and Nuke.


VFX Showreel, I was involved in a few commercial works and movie shots in differents positions, like CG Generalist or Render TD.


3D Nuke Camera Projection, this an exercise to teach this technique in classroom with students.


Slimmy Git, another Edu Llobera’s animation, where I modeled the set, I worked on lookdev, lighting, render and compositing. Rig character’s property of Software: Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush, Vray and Nuke.


Mica Mica,  I supervised a lot of technical work for this 2011 pilot , also I created the 3d characters, the lighting and compositing shots.


Promo Transformers, in 2010, I worked on this commercial of Transformers Movie for spanish TV, where my position here was CG Generalist.


Pumpkin Reports Animated Series,  where I modeled over 40 nice characters.


Bubble Bip animated series, I worked for Mediapro-Triacom company mainly as Set-Environment Modeler and a little bit as Lookdev / Layout Artist in 2012.


2010 Modeling Reel, to enter into the world of character artist, I modeled some characters to show my skills here.

Guardianes de Oz, movie from Ánima Estudios, where I supervised the lighting process of around 1.800 shots.


Zoobabu Animated Series, I had a differents positions, especially as character modeler and lighting artist, I worked on the lighting of the 104 episodes and compositing of around 30 episodes.